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What is a dental emergency?

Any time you experience a dental problem, you should call your dentist. Our staff at Fair Oaks Quality Dental work closely together as a team. We have the specialized training necessary to prevent, diagnose, and treat your dental conditions. We stay current on the latest advances in dental research and treatment, so you know you would get the most advanced care available anywhere.

When you call us, we will ask you questions about your dental situation to determine whether it is a dental emergency. If it is a dental emergency, we will get you in within 24 hours or sooner. If we deem that you may have a medical emergency, we will ask you to contact an emergency hospital.

Here are some typical situations constituting a Dental Emergency:

  • Gum bleeding that doesn't stop

  • Painful swelling in or around your mouth

  • Pain in a tooth, teeth, or jaw bone

  • Any dental trauma such as a cracked tooth or lost tooth

  • Lost filling

A neglected dental emergency can become deadly

I don't want to scare anyone, but you should understand that a tooth infection can lead to sepsis. Bacteria from a tooth infection can move out of the tooth to the bone or tissue below. Then an abscess can form (a pocket of pus that collects in tissues, organs, etc., in the body.) The infection can travel to any part of the body and can lead to sepsis. According to the CDC, sepsis is the body's extreme response to an infection. It is a life-threatening medical emergency. Without timely treatment, sepsis can rapidly lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death.

What are the signs and symptoms of sepsis?

What to do if you think you might have sepsis?

The CDC says that if you or your loved one has an infection that's not getting better or is getting worse, ACT FAST. Get medical care IMMEDIATELY either in-person or at minimum, through telehealth services. Ask your healthcare professional, "Could this infection be leading to sepsis?" and if you should go to the emergency room for medical assessment.

If you have a medical emergency, call 911. Tell the operator if you have or think you have sepsis. If you have or believe you have COVID-19, tell the operator this as well. If possible, put on a mask before medical help arrives.


If you have any dental problems, contact us and give us as much data as you can to determine if you have a dental emergency. Don’t put it off even if you think it is not an emergency. A dental infection can spread to other parts of the body and can turn into a medical emergency. Here at Fair Oaks Quality Dental in Fair Oaks, CA, your well-being and health are important to us. So please, play it safe and call us for any dental problems you experience.


Dr. Nahid Afshari, D.D.S.

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