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Our Mission Statement

Who We Are

We are a family practice located in the beautiful surroundings of Fair Oaks, California. I have been practicing dentistry since 2001 and practicing here in California since 2006. The reason I opened my practice was that I saw the need for more personalized care for patients. While the large offices I worked in provided good dental care, I always believed in treating my patients as if they were one of my own family. I believed I could better achieve this with my own practice. My staff strongly believes in this ideal as well. We strive to represent this in our daily activities. So first, we want to thank you for landing in our office and letting us service you.

What is Our Mission?

At Fair Oaks Quality Dental we believe it is important to share our mission with you. Each day that we come to work and do our jobs we remind each other of why we are here. At each morning huddle we review our mission statement. Why? Because we do not see our work as just a "job" to do. We are here to improve the dental health of our members.

Interestingly, 90 to 95% of our patients live within 2 to 2 ½ miles of our office. Our neighborhood is mainly composed of neighborhood homes. And, every neighborhood home is composed of families. The reason we bring this up is that the family is the most important component of society… it’s why everyone goes to work, it’s the important thing people care about, and in fact, it’s the fabric that keeps society together. The reason this is important is that our practice is a family-based.

That being said we want you to know that we are going to treat you and your family, like our own. But there is an important goal we have for you, as well as every patient… and that purpose is to educate each person to the level of never needing dentistry in the future. We call this “A Wellness Program.” The meaning of Doctor comes from the Latin word, docere which means “to teach”. So you see our job would not be complete if we did not teach you what you need to know to have healthy gums and teeth.

How We Achieve Our Goal

The way we achieve this goal is by scheduling your hygiene visits twice a year, and every time you come for a hygiene visit, we always schedule your next visit 6-months in advance. The reason for this is that as we progress on your program, it means no future gum disease, no extractions, and no root canals and if anything does occur, we will catch it when it’s very minor.

We would like to see our whole neighborhood gum disease free! That is a high goal but we think it is a worthwhile one. So, thank you for being part of our family here in Fair Oaks so we can work together to achieve this goal.

We are pleased you came to our office and hope we can become Partners in your dental health!


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