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Options to Fix Crooked Teeth

How your teeth look when you smile can play an important role in how you present yourself to others not to mention how it can affect your self-confidence. We are all familiar with famous actors who are particularly known for their beautiful smiles like Keira Nightly, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and many more. However, not all of us were blessed with perfect white smiles. But fortunately with today’s dental technology a lot can be done to improve a smile.

Beyond a great looking smile, having crooked teeth can cause more serious problems for an individual. Here are some health problems that crooked teeth can cause:

  1. Difficulty Cleaning Teeth: Crooked teeth that are crowded together make it difficult for a tooth brush and floss to get into and cover all the areas of the teeth. This leads to bacteria growing in the crowded areas leading to cavities.

  2. Gum Disease: Another problem created by crooked teeth that are crowded in the mouth is that the gums cannot fit snuggly around all the teeth. This leaves more room for bacteria to grow.

  3. Incorrect Bite: Crooked teeth cause incorrect bites. When teeth are not aligned properly you don’t get a proper bite when chewing your food. This causes teeth to hit incorrectly creating all sorts of damage such as chipping, wearing the enamel down, causing stress on tooth sockets, etc.

  4. Bad Breath: Because of the complications with cleaning teeth, crooked teeth also leads to bad breadth because of the increase in bacterial growth as covered above.

  5. Chewing Difficulties: It is easy to forget that chewing is a vital part of our body’s digestion process. Chewing properly helps to reduce stress on the esophagus and helps the stomach metabolize your food. Teeth not properly aligned can interfere with the proper breakdown of your food causing digestive problems.


  1. A relatively new and effective treatment is Invisalign® Clear Aligners. This technology makes it possible to straighten teeth without braces.

  2. Traditional braces are still a great solution for crooked and/or crowded teeth. Braces can take months and occasionally years to correct teeth, but the results are worth it.

With such simple solutions to straightening teeth no one must live with crooked or crowded teeth. At Fair Oaks Quality Dental we can help you starting with a full examination and evaluation. We will make sure you understand all of the options you have available, what they involve and cost so you can get the treatment that is best suited for you.

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