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March Oral Hygiene Quiz

When we were young most of us were told by our parents to brush our teeth at night before we went to bed. But how many of us were really taught the importance of oral hygiene and problems that can result from poor or no oral hygiene. Take the following quiz and find out how much you know about oral hygiene.

1. The innermost layer of the tooth is called the pulp.

True False

2. Plaque is the buildup of the food that you eat on your teeth.

True False

3. The types of food you eat are what really cause bad breath. True False

4. Gum disease only affects your teeth and gums. True False

5. People with diabetes are at a higher risk for gum disease. True False

6. Gum disease itself does not affect a diabetes condition. True False

7. It is not necessary for a patient to tell their dentist and hygienist if they have

diabetes. True False

8. It is over-hyped that vitamins are important to your gum health. True False

9. Gum disease is more prevalent in people once they have reached their 30’s or 40’s. True False

10. You will know when you have gum disease before it gets too serious. True False


1. True: Pulp is the soft tissue found in the center of all teeth where the nerve tissue and blood vessels are located. If tooth decay reaches the pulp, you usually feel pain.

2. True: Plaque is a sticky, colorless film of bacteria that constantly forms on our teeth and along the gum line. It is made of leftover food particles and saliva. As the bacteria feed on the sugars you eat it creates an acid which causes cavities in your teeth. When the plaque builds up and becomes hard it is often referred to as tartar.

3. False: While some foods can cause your breath to be quite strong for a while such as onions and garlic, chronic bad breath can be an indication of other problems going on with your body. Some of the causes of bad breadth include:

a. Gum Disease

b. Smoking and Tobacco

c. If your dentist has ruled out the above some other causes can be gastric reflux

(also known as GERD), diabetes, liver or kidney diseases.

4. False: Gum disease that is not immediately treated can lead to serious bone loss. Also there is more research on-going that could link gum disease to heart problems.

5. True: People with diabetes are at a higher risk for getting gum disease. The reason for this is in how diabetes affects the blood vessels. Blood vessels carry oxygen to the tissues of the body and carries away waste products. Diabetes causes the blood vessels to thicken which slows the process of carrying oxygen to the tissue as well as slows the ability to dispose of waste. This can weaken gum and bone tissue and make it more susceptible to disease.

6. False: High blood glucose levels can help the gum disease get worse. When diabetes is poorly controlled, high glucose levels in the mouth can help bacteria to grow because bacteria thrive on sugars, including glucose.

7. False: It is important to keep both your dentist and hygienist informed if you have diabetes and of any medications you might be taking and particularly if your blood sugar is not in good control.

8. False: Proper nutrition is vital for keeping your body healthy and particularly Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin K are important for gum health.

9. True: Gum disease has been more prevalent when people reach their 30’s and 40’s particularly if they have had bad habits over the years such as not regularly brushing and flossing. But gum disease can start at any age, even small children, especially when there are other risk factors involved such as medical issues like diabetes.

False: Some patients have not been aware of just how bad their gum disease is until it has developed into advanced stages.

At Fair Oaks Quality Dental your oral hygiene and health is important to us. Your best defense to keeping healthy teeth and gums is to come in regularly and see us and we’ll take care of you. Putting off your dental hygiene could cause you much unnecessary suffering and financial burden. So don’t put it off. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

Have a wonderful day!

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