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5 Tips for Summer Vacation

Going on Summer Vacation?

Now that school is out many families are planning their summer vacations. While you are away from home it is important to keep up good oral hygiene. You don’t want you or your loved ones to develop cavities or dental problems during your summer fun!

Here are some simple tips to keep your teeth healthy while you enjoy your summer.

1. Get a checkup before you leave.

If you are planning a trip, best to schedule a checkup now. We can catch any forming cavities or other dental problems before leave. This can save you unnecessary annoyance and possible pain on your trip.

2. Be prepared just in case.

Call our office first in case of Emergency and then, based on the situation, we can guide you to see another dentist if it is necessary. But hopefully we can help you over the phone to deal with the immediate problem. Once your home, we can take further permanent measures.

3. Pack ahead.

Make sure to pack all of your dental hygiene supplies such as your tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss, and mouth rinse. If you will be in a car, train or plane for a good amount of time, take along portable tooth products such as a collapsible toothbrush and disposable tooth picks.

4. Choose your snacks wisely.

Summers are full of fun travels, picnics and barbecues. These often change our normal eating habits and it’s easy to eat more cavity-producing foods. For example, foods such as chips, crackers and cookies tend stick to your teeth and in between your teeth more. This becomes a bacterial feeding ground for cavities to form. Candies that are hard or sticky can cause a lot of damage. They can break or chip teeth as well as cause fillings to fall out. Try to choose healthy snacks as much as you can. Even if you indulge your sweet tooth, stay away from hard or sticky candies.

5. Avoid chewing ice.

Summer also comes with more drinks with ice. Unfortunately ice can damage your teeth. If you tend to chew your ice when you are thirsty, get a refill. Better yet, when you are done with your drink fill up your cup with some water rather than chew on the ice.

Fair Oaks Quality Dental would like to wish you the best of summer holidays. If you need a check-up before you start your vacation, contact us now and we’ll get you scheduled and on your way!


Dr. Nahid Afshari

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