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In-House Quality Plan 

Our in-office dental discount plan is for our non-insured patients


Our ‘Quality Dental Discount’ program provides the following features and highlights:


  • This program is intended for non-insured health conscious clients looking to maintain their oral health and reduce their out of pocket dental expenses.


  • Dr. Afshari offers a 20% savings to usual reasonable and customary dental fees in the Fair Oaks area. The discounted fee plan is offered to individuals and families as an alternative option to dental insurance. Your membership is effective immediately, plan acceptance is guaranteed, there are no annual maximums, and your dental history is not a factor as is with most dental insurance.


  • The discount plan is paid for annually at a club rate of $140 per individual or $185 for a family of up to four with a maximum of two adults and two children under the age of 18 (additional immediate family members may be added for additional fees). This plan rate includes two six-month cleanings, emergency exams, and x-rays. You may join at any time.


  • Joining the club entitles you to additional periodic (member only) dental cosmetic discounts, including teeth bleaching. Please note any treatment related to dental implant procedures or any warranty or upgrades are not part of the plan, but may entitle you to periodic discounts that are implant related.


  • An example of club benefits is when you need major treatment for a single crown. Instead of paying $1,000.00 you pay $800.00. The plan covers dental crowns, fillings, root canals, deep cleanings, and any other necessary dental treatment. Patients with dental insurance are not eligible for the discount plan.


  • Some restrictions apply and offers cannot be combined. Examples of some restrictions include teeth bleaching, upgrades and warranties, dental implant and implant related procedures, and clients using dental insurance or other discounted plans are not eligible for our Quality Dental Discount plan. Please contact our office for specific restrictions related to your treatment. The club is a discount or reduced-fee dental program. The program is not dental insurance.


This program is intended for health conscious clients looking to maintain their oral health and reduce their out of pocket dental expenses.


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